February 25th 2020 - February 26th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Next in the Series

The drive towards digital transformation of health and care services in Scotland is already leading to system wide service redesign, led by digital experts across the country armed with the final version of the Digital Health and Social Care Strategy, plans are in place to target projects that are successful on a local basis to be scaled up nationally at speed.

To support this constantly developing agenda, we're pleased to be holding three Digital Health & Care Events over the next 12 months. Two focused on specific key topics, Interoperability and Data Led Service Redesign, the final event of the series is our well known Digital Health & Care Conference & Awards.

Next in the Series: 

18th September 2018 - Digital Health & Care: Interoperability of Emerging Technology

How can improved interoperability of emerging technology support Health and Social Care providers improve services and outcomes for the public? 

What are the major challenges that effect the ability of the disparate IT systems and software applications in use in health and care to communicate, exchange and interpret data, and otherwise work efficiently together?

With the massive increase in the use of wearables, mobile apps and the data this generates, what progress is being made with integrating this into existing service user’s records? Improved interoperability would allow the integration of health and social care records, greater ease of use for clinicians and reduced admin.

This is about getting the systems to talk to each other, to capture information from emerging technology along with traditional methods, to share relevant information across departments and organisations that improves outcomes. 

Discussion Topics:

  1. How much of the success of connecting services relies on overcoming the challenge of bringing a digitally aware culture to the whole organisation?
  2. Where is the appetite highest amongst organisations to join up health and care and what are the interoperability challenges providers anticipate?
  3. What are the milestones healthcare providers have set themselves to achieve this integration?
  4. To what extent are healthcare providers going to enable patient engagement? How do we increase the pace of change and evolve our care services to meet these challenges?
  5. What key elements need to be included in integration strategies? How can we utilise reusable approaches to Integration, sharing and making the best of the technology we already have in place?
  6. Will the creation of single electronic health record for people, that was theirs, where clinicians had to request access rather than people having to get permission to access their own record make care safer, more person centred, and more efficient?

Conference Format

Co-designed with speakers, delegates and suppliers, we've created a fully interactive approach that will enable delegates to engage more, share examples of success and to develop relationships and partnerships with colleagues from the industry with a view to improving interoperability of emerging technology.
Key Note Speakers & Case Study Presentations
Throughout the course of the day, delegates will hear a number of interactive presentations which showcase examples of success. The aim of the case study presentations is to demonstrate what is possible and to identify transferable benefits that can be applied in your organisation. 
Impact of Emerging Technology, how can it be scaled up on a national level? - Panel Session:
An interactive session focused on the positive impact innovative technology is having on improving health and care services across Scotland. Discussion will focus on how to scale these examples up on a national level, what elements of their approach can be replicated and applied in other health and care settings? Our panellists have been at the heart of these projects and will share key insights into how they achieved their objectives to date, how this can be replicated and what mistakes to avoid. 
Themed Panel Sessions:
An opportunity for delegates to have focused discussion on specific areas of health and care. Our themed interactive panel sessions give delegates a chance to break into smaller groups to share ideas, learn from colleagues and to overcome challenges.
Panel Sessions will cover:

Panel 1. Accessing vital information on the frontline on multiple devices

Panel 2. Engagement, enabling supported self-management 

Panel 3. The impact of AI in Scottish health and care

Knowledge Exchange – Focus Group Session
Delegates will be working in 3 groups discussing specific challenges facing the sector, each group will have a facilitator who will spark the discussion and stimulate the exchange of ideas. The challenges being addressed will be selected from pre-event input from delegates so this is your chance to get a wide range of thoughts and opinions on specific issues you are looking to solve. You’ll have the chance to engage with peers from across the country, exchanging ideas in a setting that encourages interaction.

Sessions will address:

Achieving an increase in Patient Engagement
Emerging Tech that supports people with Mental Health / long term conditions
Wearables / devices that monitor and share medical information
Creating a digital culture, integrating technology to improve outcomes - Action planning interactive panel session

A key session for delegates as the summary points from this session will be used to create a post event action plan which will be provided to you following the event. Taking on board some of the key challenges and learnings highlighted throughout the day, this session will give you a chance to develop your digital strategy to support your organisations objectives.