February 25th 2020 - February 26th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Event Agenda

Digital Health & Care 2019 - Day 1


Registration Open and Networking


Chair’s Introduction: Setting the scene and starting the discussion

Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care & Digital Healthcare Innovation, Scottish Government


Scottish Government: Delivering Digital Public Services

Colin Cook, Director of Digital, Scottish Government


Technical Challenge Or Something Else?

If we are to effectively tackle the unprecedented financial, clinical and social problems in health and care most people accept that we have to integrate our local health economies.

We must do this by increasing interoperability maturity and capability, which is a continual process – a journey, not a destination.

Mike will discuss that it is not just about overcoming technical challenges, but that we must look to people, process, culture and organisations to realise true transformation.

Mike Fuller, Regional Director of Marketing, InterSystems


Keynote Presentation: Digital Transformation, The Only Way To The Future

A review of digital transformation of healthcare globally, lessons learnt, mistakes made, remade and now to be avoided! From Leeds to Birmingham to Dublin to Wellington to Ontario to Cardiff, lets look at how to do this differently. 

Richard Corbridge, CDIO, Leeds Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust


Healthcare AI: Progress & Challenges

  • Scottish Healthcare AI Landscape
  • Outline general challenges to safe exploitation and adoption at scale of healthcare AI in Scotland, and how these are being addressed

Dr Christopher Carlin, Consultant Physician, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Networking Refreshments in the Exhibition Area

11:30 & 12:20

Campfire Sessions*


Led by experts from the sector, delegates will be able to gather key insights into the applications of the latest innovative solutions in a series of 40 minute interactive workshops.


Topics covered include:


Resilient and robust cyber security

How AI can improve patient diagnosis and treatment

Effective use of data, rethinking how services are delivered

Supported Self Management


*Pre-event registration required. Spaces are limited in each session.

Campfire Session A: Has ‘Old School Face-To-Face Care’ Been Left Behind by the Digital Industry?

We can make lots of clever gadgets to make our health systems more efficient and cost effective, but we will always have to care for people. The SIM model of care is a multiple-award winning mental health crisis intervention funded by NHS England. This session will outline the SIM team's digital ambitions and lead a conversation about how tech can enhance the recovery experience.

Paul Jennings, National Programme Manager, High Intensity Network

Campfire Session B: Putting People First - Connecting People, Improving Lives

This session will focus on how putting the service user at the centre of what we are doing can really help to improve lives. During the session you will hear several real-life case studies and how the right technology solution can support people to live independently for longer.

The session will highlight 5 key steps to effective delivery of technology solutions.

Alyson Scurfield, CEO, TSA

Campfire Session C in partnership with Intel: How AI & Technology Can Improve Patient Diagnosis and Treatment

This session will briefly explain Intel’s approach to and investments in AI & Machine Learning, before sharing examples of our application of AI & ML within the global healthcare sector, driving enhanced patient diagnosis and care, and a move to more personalized medicine. This will be followed by a facilitated discussion with the session attendees about similar requirements they may have, and how Intel can help accelerate their adoption of AI & ML as part of a solution.

Chris Feltham, Industry Technical Specialist, Intel


Meet the Exhibitors - Networking and Lunch in the Exhibition Area


Innovation in Action Presentation

Our Technology & Data in Action 2018 Award winners Lanarkshire's Telehealth Team from NHS Lanarkshire will be giving a video presentation on what's been achieved and what's next on the agenda.

Morag Hearty - Kerry Fletcher - Lesley Aitken


Demo Zone Presentation by Capita

The Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) is transforming the technical landscape for all of NHS Scotland, a large number of the Local Authorities and other Government organisations.  SWAN combines partners and suppliers onto a fast and secure network, and enables innovation and unprecedented opportunities to develop new ways of delivering services that empower Health and Social Care integration.

At Digital Health and Care Scotland, Capita invites you to a demonstration of our future strategy, as we drive our “Smart Community, Smart City, Smart Scotland” initiative. We will detail how SWAN has successfully delivered a range of solutions over the last 4 years to establish infrastructure that will support public sector inter-agency working to 2026 and beyond.

Looking to the future, we’ll also discuss the art of the possible, bringing our video and IOT capability together in the innovative Health Hub with our SME partners, Ajenta. The Health Hub concept has been developed with support from Napier University and the Digital Health and Care Institute to demonstrate the art of the possible in technology-enabled health and social care.


Themed Panel Sessions

Delegates have the choice of which session to attend, in advance of the summit you will register for your preferred session and have the chance to contribute to the agenda to ensure the themes align with key issues you want answers to.

Panel Session A in partnership with Tunstall: Transitioning from analogue to digital telecare, maximising the benefits of a digital service.

Chaired by:

Zahid Deen, Director, Digital and Service Transformation, Health and Scoial Care Alliance


Dr Lesley Holdsworth, Clinical Lead for Digital Health & Care, Scottish Government

Sue Scotland, Service Development Manager, NHS 24

David Brown, Senior Manager, Assistive Technology Enabled Care, Edinburgh's Health and Social Care Partnership

Steve Tope, Strategic Business Development Director, Tunstall

Panel Session B in partnership with Forcare: Supporting frontline staff to deliver person centred care:

Utilising the benefits of innovative mobile working and workforce management solutions that enables an access anywhere approach to information.

Chaired by:

Alex Stobart, Director for Scotland, Mydex CIC


Mark Fleming, Consultant Nurse, Digital Services & Mental Health, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Morag Hearty, Telehealth Manager, NHS Lanarkshire

Robin Breslin, Business Manager UK & Ireland, Forcare

Panel Session C in Partnership with Strata Health: National Digital Platform: Harnessing the Power of Data, Improving Outcomes for Everyone

Chaired by:

Manira Ahmad, Head of Local Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland


Steve Baguley, Clinical Director eHealth, NHS Grampian and Clinical Lead, NES Digital Service

Penni Rocks, Head of eHealth Governance & Technical Strategy, Scottish Government

Geoff Huggins, Director, NES Digital Service

Chris Wright, Service Development Manager, NHS 24

Jonathan Cameron, Head of Service for Strategic Development, NHS NSS

Clint Schick, Managing Director, Strata Health


Networking Refreshments in the Exhibition Area


Predicting Service Demand

As part of Scotland's Digital Health and Care Strategy, NHS 24 are seeking to optimise the channels through which the public engage. Predictive analytics would allow NHS 24 to pre-empt changing demand and tailor its services accordingly.

Ann-Marie Gallacher, CIO, NHS 24


Panel Session: Health & Care Digital Leaders, Delivering the Digital Health and Care Strategy


Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster


Dr Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive, Scottish Care

George Crooks, Chief Executive, DHI

Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive, NHS National Services Scotland

Angiolina Foster, Chief Executive, NHS 24


Chair's Summary

Digital Health & Care 2019 - Day 2


Registration and Networking


Introduction to Day 2 from the Conference Chair

Recapping the outcomes from day 1, sharing the aims and objectives of day 2.

Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care & Digital Healthcare Innovation,  Scottish Government


Key Note Presentation

Geoff Huggins, Director, NES Digital Service


Scottish Health Intelligence for Transforming Service Delivery & Outcomes

Prof. Mahmood Adil,  Medical Director, Information Services Division, NHS National Services Scotland

10:20 - 11:10

Interactive Panel Session: Digital Innovators in Health, Care, Housing and 3rd Sector


David Alexander, Founder, Mydex


Brian Duffy, TEC & Innovation Programme, Loretto Care

Chaloner Chute, CTO, Digital Health & Care Institute

Sue Scotland, Service Development Manager, NHS 24

Alyson Scurfield, CEO, TSA

Simon Fitzpatrick, Strategic Development Director, Blackwood Group

10:40 - 11:00

Supplier Session: How To Be Tender Ready - Scotland Excel

This is a special session for our exhibitors and sponsors. This is an ideal opportunity to get an overview of public sector contracts and tendering.  An opportunity to understand how best to become tender ready, and the resources available to assist with the process.  

Euan Kidd, Senior Procurement Specialist, Scotland Excel


Networking Refreshments in the Exhibition Area

11:40 & 12:20

Campfire Sessions*

Led by industry experts, delegates will gather key insights into application of the latest solutions in our 40-minute interactive workshops.

Campfire Session A: The Leeds Digital Way

Secretary of State Matt Hancock recently described the Leeds Way as mind blowing in its success and rapid improvement demonstration, the team from Leeds will take the audience on a journey and detail the delivery, the best practice and the lessons learnt along the way.

Presented by:

Richard Corbridge, CDIO, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Sarah Moorhead, Associate Director of Digital, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Johnny Chagger, Data Protection Officer and Head of Information Governance, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Campfire Session B with my mHealth: Improving Outcomes, Reducing Costs and Improving Accessibility Using Digital Health To Manage Patients With Long-term Conditions – The Evidence

  • New models of self-management, rehabilitation and remote care using digital tools
  • How we can deliver accessible affordable healthcare for every patient
  • Examples of outcomes from services and patients using COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Disease apps to manage their patient population

Dr Simon Bourne, CEO, my mHealth

*Pre-event registration required. Spaces are limited in each session.


Meet the Exhibitors - Networking and Lunch in the Exhibition Area


Innovation in Action Presentation

Daniel Proverbs, Founder, Brothers In Arms 


Demo Zone Presentation by LifeScan

Welcome to the OneTouch Reveal® Ecosystem

The OneTouch Verio® Flex meter and OneTouch Reveal® apps help patients to get more meaning out of their blood glucose results, in the moment, on the go and at home.

HCPs can access their patients’ data to help see what is working and what is not working for their patient.

How the OneTouch Reveal® apps can help patients and HCPs

Changes the way patients see their blood glucose results, helps them to manage their diabetes

OneTouch Reveal® Mobile App

  • Seamlessly syncs data from the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter directly to the patient’s smartphone or tablet
  • Draws a timeline of important blood glucose events and activities, highlighting when patients are repeatedly out of range
  • Let’s the patients share their progress with their HCP

OneTouch Reveal® Web App

  • Creates simple, colourful reports to help HCPs have more meaningful conversations with patients during appointments


Interactive Themed Panel Sessions*


Delegates are encouraged to play an active role in these co-designed interactive sessions

*Pre-event registration required. Spaces are limited in each session.

Panel A In Partnership with Intersystems: Creating An Effective Flow of Information Across the Whole Care System

Chaired by:

Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care & Digital Healthcare Innovation, Scottish Government


Sarah Moorhead, Associate Director of Digital Demand, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Mike Fuller, Regional Director of Marketing, InterSystems

John Costello, eHealth Project Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Panel B In Partnership with BJSS: Ethics in Healthcare AI

Chaired by:

David Alexander, Founder, Mydex


Jeff Watkins, Principal Architect, BJSS

Dr Sotirios Tsaftaris, Chancellor's Fellow and Reader, University of Edinburgh

Panel C: Empowering People, Remote Monitoring of Long-term Conditions Co-designed with Health, Housing and Social Care

Chaired by:

Zahid Deen, Director, Digital and Service Transformation,  Health and Social Care Alliance


Linda Morrow, Independent Living Advisor,  Disabled Living Foundation

Morag Hearty, Telehealth Manager, NHS Lanarkshire

Daniel Proverbs, Founder, Brothers In Arms 


Networking Refreshments in the Exhibition Area


Digital Health & Care In Action - 10-Minute Lightning Presentations

A high-paced end to the day, delegates will get an insight into four examples of digital success. This session is focused on practical examples, projects that you can look to replicate in your organisations. The outcomes from this session will influence your digital transformation strategy.

Presentation 1: PAMIS Digital Communications Passports

  • Using Pamis Digital Communication Passports to support health care
  • Helping people with complex health needs to express their care needs
  • Enabling access to technology and using it to enhance the experience of people with complex needs

Catriona Jamieson, Projects Co-Ordinator, PAMIS (Promoting A More Inclusive Society)

Presentation 2: Modernising Access to Primary Care, GP Triage

Reporting the findings of a six-month evaluation of NHS 24’s partnership based approach to managing demand for same day primary care services.

Murdoch Carberry, Interim Programme Delivery Lead & Service Improvement Manager, NHS 24

Presentation 3: NHS Near Me: Going Digital to Deliver Services Closer to Home

  • NHS Near Me enables patients to attend outpatient appointments by video consultation. This reduces the need for travel, something patients in the Highlands have long called for.
  • NHS Near Me is about video consulting at scale. A systematic quality improvement approach was taken to develop and test NHS Near Me, before a standard process was agreed.  

Clare Morrison, Senior Clinical Quality Lead/NHS Near Me Lead, NHS Highland

Presentation 4: Facilitating Healthcare Innovation Through Inter-operability With FHIR

  • NHSGGC Innovation Projects
  • West of Scotland Digital Health Platform
  • FHIR as the vehicle for integration
  • Transition to the National Digital Platform

John Costello, eHealth Project Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Chair's Closing Remarks


Please note that all speakers and the agenda are subject to change without notice.