February 20th 2019 - February 21st 2019 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

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Part of the Digital Health & Care Series

The summit, run by our colleagues at Dods and to be held in Birmingham on 07 June, will follow on from Holyrood's Digital Health and Care conference by creating an energetic discussion focused on how health and care providers can deliver the next stages of joined-up health and care services, harnessing the benefits of disruptive technology developments in line with the Five Year Forward View. 

Delegates will discuss the impact of the STPs and ACSs on digital transformation and how this is enabling a redesign of the care system. Other topics for discussion include the vision for utilising advanced population management solutions to transition to more predictive / preventative services and how our aging population and people living with multiple complex conditions both physical and mental can manage their care journey in a non-clinical setting.

The challenge for technology suppliers is to create intuitive, person-centred solutions that integrate with existing systems and devices with both the care provider and patient needs at the forefront of design. Attendance at the summit will give you a unique opportunity to hear from health and care providers regarding their technology requirements and in turn, enable you to showcase how your innovative solutions can support improved service delivery and outcomes.

Please visit the conference website for further information. 

Keynote Presentation:

Dr Indra Joshi - Clinical Director, OneHealthTech, Clinical Lead for Digital Urgent Emergency Care - NHS England

Indra is the Clinical Lead for NHS England’s digital experience programmes. She has an overarching knowledge of the national patient facing digital initiatives within the NHS with an expertise in the digital urgent care sector.

Indra has a unique portfolio with experience stretching across policy, governance, digital health and marketing, national project strategy and implementation; whilst remaining true to her professional training as an emergency medicine specialist.

She is the Clinical Director of One HealthTech –a network which champions and supports underrepresented groups in health innovation, particularly women, to be the future leaders in healthcare. Alongside she is a Vice Chair for the British Computer Society (Health), an international speaker and consultant on digital health, an expedition medic, and most importantly a mum to two wonderful little munchkins.

Key Topics:

Digital transformation creating system wide integration – Disruptive technology sparking change in how care services are received and how we use them.

Delivering better care, empowering service users and improving experience. Shifting to preventative services.

Utilising population health solutions to drive a step change in how services are commissioned and provided.

Data led system redesign. Sharing data effectively between providers to identify services that better align to the individual’s needs – Improved processes that support our aging population.

STPs success stories to date – Technology enabling joined-up care for those with multiple complex conditions.

Improving patient flow in traditional care settings to reduce strain on frontline services.

Interoperability of Disruptive Tech – Apps, IOTs, Wearables aligning with existing systems.

Culture Transformation – Users and Providers challenged to change past habits, seeing tangible benefits.

Person Centred Innovative Solutions – Empowering the individual and their families to manage the care journey.

Transforming Mental Health Services, creating a data revolution to improve transparency and sharing across bodies to tackle health inequalities.

Co-creation of services, engaging patients and their families to develop solutions that make a difference.

Invited attendees include:


Department of Health - NHS England - NHS Digital - NHS Digital Academy – AHSNs - Government Digital Service - CCGs - NHS Trusts - Social Care Organisations - Local Authority - Primary Care - Pharmacies - 3rd Sector - Housing Associations – Residential Care – Home Care

Job titles:

Heads of Social Care - NHS CIOs - Local Authority CIOs - Heads of IT – Chief & Deputy Chief Executives - Heads of Digital - Digital Leaders - Heads of Customer Services - Heads of Transformation and Change - Care Providers - Care Managers – GPs & Clinicians