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Empowered Health: Empowering every person to live healthier lives and every organisation to deliver better healthcare.

Health needs are infinite, but resources are finite. Health organisations are frustrated with technology solutions that haven’t delivered on their promise to improve care, facilitate research, and rein in costs. Transforming healthcare requires more than digitising medical records. We need “systems of insight” that help translate data into action, and “systems of engagement” that enable new ways to treat patients more quickly and more long-term. Microsoft platforms and services lay the trusted foundation for such solutions, so health providers and payors, public health or social services agencies, and pharmaceutical companies can improve patient and employee experiences, empower researchers, and enhance products and services in the face of increasing cost pressures. Speak to our Healthcare experts on Stand 26 to find out how Microsoft can empower your healthcare trust or clinic.



Our data management and integration platform, along with our powerful healthcare solutions, keeps health and social care providers, application vendors, and device manufacturers all on the same page.  We currently help Boards to manage the health of over 90% of the patient population and connect information and processes between numerous applications and organisations across the country.  Also, our health informatics platform is used as an inter-agency service to share information.

This common foundation of operational systems makes InterSystems an ideal partner to support new types of strategic interoperability initiatives, to further the digital maturity of health and social care, improve outcomes, along with the user and patient experience.  Because empowering healthcare to improve care matters.



BlackBerry® is a leading software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things.

BlackBerry software provides the embedded intelligence to secure the Enterprise of Things so that the Internet of Things (IoT) can thrive. Our software platform, BlackBerry Secure, is a comprehensive mobile-native approach to security that addresses the entire enterprise from end point to end point.

With software and services from BlackBerry, enterprises in a range of industries – from healthcare to financial services -- are empowered to:

  • Identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats.
  • Manage and secure a diverse and growing set of endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, wearables and laptops.
  • Protect files and IP by enabling users to securely access, share and collaborate.
  • Develop powerful applications, workflows and business processes.
  • Unify crisis communications within and between organizations.

BlackBerry holds 80+ security certifications and is listed in the top position in all six categories of Gartner’s high-security mobility management study. The company is ranked among the top 10 percent of all cybersecurity providers. All G7 governments and 15 of G20 are BlackBerry customers. BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software is the most widely-deployed among Fortune 500 companies.

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company was founded in 1984 and operates in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. For more information, visit



Vision is intelligent clinical software designed for smarter, more collaborative working across the healthcare landscape. Predictive by design, adaptive by nature, it thinks ahead, processing data in smarter ways. So you can access the right information, faster, to make better decisions - wherever you are.

Simple and intuitive with one interface, you hardly know it’s there. Its flexibility means you can be nimble, make the best use of your time and reduce costs.

Connecting you with colleagues in the field, it breaks down barriers so you can work in real-time from a single patient record - across practices, A&E, community teams and every other health service.

We know the NHS is changing and patient needs are evolving. We’ve reignited our drive for ground-breaking products to design a system that enables today’s ways of working.

Vision software takes healthcare provision to the next level, so you’re always one step ahead.



Reimagine Health & Care in Scotland with one of the NHS’ most trusted technology partners.

Through our sector focused solutions we positively impact millions of people’s lives through continually investing in our people, partnerships and own technologies. Developed as a result of real market insight our solutions provide for greater efficiency in your back office ensuring your finances and IT services are managed effectively, patient side our clinical and patient management solutions manage episodes of care quickly and safely.

True partnership is the defining thing that makes us different from the competition. We pride ourselves on delivering focused right-first-time software solutions that simplify complex business challenges and deliver immediate value.


t 0845 160 5555


We would be delighted to connect with you on social media. Follow us on twitter @adv_public and search for Advanced on LinkedIn



Totalmobile provide software that helps health organisations release the untapped potential within their nursing workforce, empowering them to deliver transformative results.

With mobile working solutions, dynamic scheduling and insightful analytics, Totalmobile enables health providers to improve service quality and enhance compliance, while also increasing the capacity of their workforce and generating significant cost savings.

Totalmobile has been helping NHS Trusts and care organisations mobilise their staff with market leading technology for over 10 years. Learn how we can help your healthcare professionals spend more time with patients and provide your organisation with what it needs to deliver the highest quality of care.



Forcare’s solutions seamlessly link patient data from various sources, to empower the data flow and workflow. Our software supports all types of medical images and documents. This way specialists and staff can correctly inform, treat or refer their patients. Without losing time, and always with respect for privacy and security. Interoperability is key for Forcare: our products are standards based, vendor neutral and open. Based on IHE XDS, our platform is extensible, scalable and future proof.



The health ecosystem is faced with ever-increasing demands, and is riddled with obstacles, complexity and siloes. IBM brings an unprecedented combination of resources and a secure IT infrastructure and cloud environment, to overcome these challenges. We are creating the path from today to the future that is needed as healthcare professionals modernise and digitise, identifying tangible return on your investments, while delivering the best patient care available. 


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Strata Health Solutions

Strata Health Solutions improves the flow and transition of patients within and across Health and Care organisations in real time. Strata PathwaysTM will help deliver better outcomes for patients by ensuring they are allocated to the right care setting as quickly as possible. By creating a live dynamic directory of health and care services, PathwaysTM clinically matches these resources to the patients’ needs.  PathwaysTM is a live, SaaS solution that provides any-to-any, bi-directional electronic referrals between all parts of the health and care system. It delivers significant workflow improvements to assist health and care organisations to integrate and collaborate effectively.

Contact Email: 

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is the largest pure-play security vendor globally, provides industry-leading solutions, and protects customers from cyberattacks with an unmatched catch rate of malware and other types of attacks. Check Point offers a complete security architecture defending enterprises’ networks to mobile devices, in addition to the most comprehensive and intuitive security management. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.  


Intouch with Health

Intouch with Health was established in 1999 and specialises in delivering IT-based patient flow management solutions to help Hospitals and private healthcare providers, in the UK and internationally, increase organisational efficiency and deliver an improved patient experience.

Intouch’s product set takes a holistic approach to patient flow management, from registering patient arrival via Patient Self Check-in, (including mobile solutions), calling patients to appointments via Patient Calling and accurately recording patient pathways using eOutcomes.

Intouch’s product set delivers key benefits for patients and all levels of hospital management and has a proven Return on Investment of between 8 and 12 months.

For more information, visit



Leidos has helped health and care customers prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses internationally for 30+ years.  Leidos is developing next-generation solutions in areas such as advanced health data analytics and biomedical research, turning data into actionable information for health and care providers and their patients/citizens.  From implementing and optimising electronic patient record solutions, to conducting ground-breaking research to treat cancer and AIDS, our passion to improve the care delivered to citizens and reduce costs is transforming health and care.

In the UK today, we offer a broad range of solutions and services, including the design and development of national healthcare solutions, advanced health data analytics and visualisation solutions, implementation and optimisation of clinical systems, business and change consulting, service management and transformation, application management and development, programme delivery and cyber security services.

Practical answers for a complicated world.


Spiritus Partners

Inspired by shared value principles, Spiritus is dedicated to promoting patient safety and supporting improved clinical outcomes in the use of medical devices. We're committed to accelerating change across the ecosystem through our secure, cloud-based device registry, chain of custody, and advanced analytics solutions.




Imprivata, the healthcare IT security company

Imprivata provides healthcare organisations globally with a security and identity platform that delivers authentication management, fast access to patient information and positive patient identification.

Imprivata OneSign®, the Imprivata Authentication and Access management platform, is recognised as the leading healthcare enterprise single sign-on solution and used by the majority of the NHS Scotland Health Boards.

Imprivata PatientSecure® uses palm vein biometrics for positive patient identification, linking patients to their full medical record across disparate patient record systems.

Imprivata Confirm ID™ is a comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform for clinical transactions such as ordering medication, drug disposal, blood administration, and transactions with patient information on medical devices. 



JAC is a leading specialist supplier of medicines management software to the NHS and to key sites in the Republic of Ireland and South Africa. JAC supplies specialist chemotherapy management solutions to NHS sites in England and the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. 

With over 20 year’s experience within medicines management, JAC's UK user-base now accounts for around half of all NHS trusts in England as well as sites in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. JAC provides pharmacy stock control, e-prescribing and medicines administration as a single integrated solution along with associated services.



Possum is now the longest standing independently British owned company. Since 1961 Possum has been a market leader in providing, installing and supporting electronic assistive technology solutions including environmental controls and, more recently, internet access and Technology Enabled Care and Support. Possum’s mission is to empower anyone suffering from a disability or condition which restricts daily life by improving their independence and enhancing their quality of life through the use of innovative and life changing equipment.



Kinata Ltd is the company behind Kinesis, an innovative Patient Referral Avoidance solution in common use within the NHS since 2012. Kinesis enables GPs and other clinicians to request clinical advice from specialists in order to better treat patients and avoid unnecessary referrals to secondary care. Kinesis reduces the time to appropriate treatment, improves education and interaction amongst clinicians and provides substantial direct and indirect costs savings across health communities. Kinesis has helped avoid about 10,000 unnecessary referrals and saved millions of pounds.

Kinata has offices in Yorkshire and operate nationally.



Inhealthcare supports remote patient monitoring for the UK population. Its digital infrastructure enables patients to be cared for outside of hospital walls, reducing the financial burden on the NHS and freeing up valuable resources as patients take greater responsibility for their own care.

Inhealthcare allows clinical teams to build and launch their own digital services in just hours. The powerful toolkit offers secure multi-channel connections (SMS, online, apps, automated telephone calls) between patients and central databases such as the NHS Spine and GP and hospital systems.

Its customers are using the toolkit to develop digital health services for a range of long term conditions including diabetes, smoking cessation, cancer, COPD, undernutrition and obesity.


Aire Logic

Aire Logic was founded in 2007, and has spent the last 10 years working across the healthcare sector, with services ranging from IT enterprise architecture consultancy to creating software solutions, such as our forms4health product. We work with organisations such as NHS England, NHS Digital, Public Health England and to increase efficiencies, streamline processes, and improve patient outcomes.

Our experience in healthcare strategy and agile delivery mean we can provide a meaningful implementation for your organisation to find the solution that is right for you and help you to deliver the best standard of care to your patients.



Positive Patient Identification (PPI) is a fundamental element of Digital Health and Care. Programmes that form part of the Scottish Digital Health Strategy require that the patient be correctly identified at all times.

Rotoform will demonstrate its market leading patient identification solutions both Laser & Thermal printed. This will include the best of breed Laserband solution.

The Laserband patient wristband solution is the only “self – laminating” wristband available in the market. Laserband requires no investment in additional ICT infrastructure and uses existing laser printers, to produce the patient wristband and associated labels at single pass.

Laserband has been implemented by circa 150 hospitals in England & Wales, the HSC in Northern Ireland and the majority of both public & private hospitals in Southern Ireland.

In Scotland. NHS Lothian has successfully deployed Laserband across all locations since 2011. “The Laserband solution has significantly reduced the time taken in the production & application of patient wristbands within NHS Lothian. It is estimated that in excess of 22,000 hours are now available for reinvestment in direct patient care” (quote).

Rotoform Solutions can be found on Stand 7.

OPEX Corporation

With over 40 years’ experience OPEX Corporation is recognised as a cutting-edge innovator and global technology leader within complex document imaging and high-speed digital mailroom automation arena - providing performance enhancing workflow solutions with measurable cost-effective results to thousands of customers in the UK and around the world.

With proven technologies and unique ‘prep then scan’ processes, OPEX’s combined hardware and software solutions deliver state of the art and cost effective solutions.

OPEX’s growing customer base return time after time, understanding the value of how OPEX technologies automate manual processes by streamlining the traditional processes associated with medical records imaging and sorting to reap the benefits from their technologies by reducing labour, yet increasing security.

ReStart Consulting

ReStart Consulting is the leading provider of Integration Services and 24/7 Trust Integration (TIE) Engine Support, to the NHS. ReStart’s Integration Services team delivers solutions to complex healthcare system challenges and has developed well over 1,000 interfaces using the major Integration Platforms.

As a market leader in providing TIE support for NHS environments, ReStart offers a complete end-to-end service, providing high availability and continuous monitoring. This ensures issues are usually identified and resolved, before any impact is felt by hospital staff.

Viper360® is our Interoperability Framework solution positioned between costly Enterprise-Wide ‘big bang’ Portal options and what can be achieved with a local Integration Engine. Viper’s building-block approach to Integrated Healthcare, based on affordable and rapid deployment, assists organisations to move up the Digital Maturity Index. 


Voice Technologies

Voice Technologies is an award-winning, employee-owned software provider based in Paisley (near Glasgow) and Sheffield in the UK. It helps organisations to reduce the time and cost of producing correspondence by using information and mobile workflow, speech recognition and digital dictation applications.

Voice Technologies' team of in-house specialist developers create innovative software including the award-winning WinVoicePro, a document creation and workflow management application, and FormStream, simple-to-use, e- forms for paperless documentation. It also provides products and applications from its industry-leading partner companies, Philips, Olympus, Nuance and Winscribe, and is a Microsoft Silver Application Developer.

Voice Technologies holds the prestigious Investors in People and Investors in Young People accreditations in recognition of its commitment to developing and empowering its people to give a first class service to clients.



“Patientrack has helped us introduce some of the biggest and most immediate changes in clinical practice I have ever seen” Dr Gavin Simpson, NHS Fife

A multi-award-winning system that has helped revolutionise patient safety and enable clinicians to communicate and share information. Patientrack provides a whole-hospital platform:

  • Vital signs
  • Electronic charts
  • Early warning scores
  • Automated alerting & escalation
  • Assessments - Sepsis, VTE, Fluid Balance, Dementia, Diabetes, Nutrition, AKI and many more…
  • Handover
  • Task management including Hospital@Night

Proven benefits and outcomes include reduced mortality, cardiac arrests, length of stay and use of ICU.

Patientrack is available on hand-held devices, smartphones, laptops and desktops.  It interoperates and shares data easily with your existing systems such as PAS and EPR, and departmental systems.



At Servelec, our vision focuses on sharing information, improving care.  

As health and care services continue to join up, our vision focuses on a collaborative, communities-based concept, providing modern innovative software solutions to support the delivery of care to the right people at the right time wherever they may be.  The communities we serve cover a range of care settings, including mental health, community health, acute care, social care, education and child health, working in partnership to deliver improved outcomes and a greater quality of care.

We believe with the right tools and support, services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively and enabling smarter ways of working. Please visit us on stand 6 to learn more about Servelec HSC and our best of breed solutions including our latest mobile apps across health and social care. 


Tunstall Healthcare

Over the last sixty years, Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, creating the Connected Healthcare industry as we know it today, and supporting more than five million people and their families across 50 countries.

Tunstall was the first to develop systems to enable older people to access help in the event of an emergency at home, and has continued to lead the market ever since, remaining at the forefront of developments such as telecare and telehealth. We continue to lead the way, helping providers to include technology in new models of integrated healthcare to support people to self-manage, target care when and where it is needed most, manage demand and improve outcomes. 


Drayson Health

Drayson Health is a digital healthcare company that develops regulated medical products and services using artificial intelligence.  We work in partnership with world-class medical practitioners and healthcare providers to develop clinical evidence under strict ethical and privacy controls for the regulatory approval of AI powered digital tools that improve health. Together we deliver evidence-based, regulated digital health services developed by clinicians for clinicians to support the delivery of excellent, value-based care. We apply the insights gained from the clinical application of our AI tools to understand disease, drive scientific discovery and develop new medicines.  

Founded in 2015, Drayson Health is headquartered at the Big Data Institute (BDI) at the University of Oxford’s Old Road Campus. Lord Drayson leads the Drayson Health team, which combines experience in AI, digital health and life sciences. The team is advised by an eminent Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Professor Sir John Bell. 

Contact Email: 


CM2000 are a well-established supplier of health and social care technology across Scotland. In addition to our scheduling, commissioning tools, monitoring and outcomes recording, we are leading the way in prevention.

ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) combines pioneering analytics modelling (developed with Edinburgh Napier University) with wearable technologies and social care data.

It provides alerts for early intervention, promotes better self-management and helps avoid costly hospital care. Community trials highlighted statistical points of interest in relation to activity / inactivity levels, hydration, sleep patterns and muscle mass, which could indicate increasing elevation of risk to an incident, such as a fall.   

Let our technology help you transform your services. Meet the team and discover more on stand 27.



Excelicare is a healthcare IT company focused on supporting population health management.  Excelicare is a hub that connects the healthcare community and it dynamically constructs a semantically organised, longitudinal patient record through integration with third party systems. All patient information is stored as discrete data elements to support real-time analytics and active care coordination across the continuum of care.  It has powerful patient engagement tools to empower patients and make them active participants in their own care.  Healthcare organisations looking to integrate social and health care should look at Excelicare as a solution to deliver a patient first, connected health strategy.