February 25th 2020 - February 26th 2020 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

my mHealth

my mhealth provide the only NHS-approved apps for the management of long-term conditions and have successfully delivered digital transformation for patients living in West Lothian. Our evidence-based connected solutions assist patients with their COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

The Apps are evidence based and deliver individualised comprehensive education, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation courses, medicines management and much much more.

The apps are easily customisable by clinical teams to provide local service information, care and self-management plans and guidelines suitable for your service.

These interface with clinician-based software that enables the remote management and rehabilitation of patients at industrial scale improving outcomes with massive efficiency savings. This year we launched our telehealth product which enables the integration of sophisticated self-management tools with home monitoring for a fraction of the price of conventional platforms.

Our new unlimited program enables health boards and providers to deliver these programs to each and every patient, transforming their current mode of service delivery to enable population-based healthcare.

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