February 24th 2021 - February 25th 2021 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Event Agenda

Digital Health & Care 2020 - Day 1

Day 1 Theme

Service Transformation: Towards a Co-Designed Approach

Day 1 is a varied and exciting journey that begins by exploring the implementation of Scotland’s Digital Health & Care Strategy. We will discover how technology is transforming the health and social care services of today… and those of tomorrow. 


Registration, Exhibition, and Networking


Welcome and Introduction from the Chair

Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster

Session 1

(Re)designing Digital Health and Social Care 

This opening session sets the scene and starts the discussion around innovation in health and social care and the implementation of Scotland’s Digital Health & Care Strategy. It will feature an outside perspective, in addition to those involved in the integration of health and social care in Scotland. In doing so, this session explores how we are taking a clear, national approach to person-centred service redesign that must deliver value as well as efficiency to service users. 


Opening Address

Caroline Lamb, Director of Digital Reform & Service Engagement for Health & Care, Scottish Government


Keynote Address: Digital Platforms in England – The Experience of NHS Digital

James Hawkins, Executive Director of Assurance and Risk Management, NHS Digital 


Health and Care Digital Evolution and Transformation in Scotland – Supporting Two-speed Change


Health and Care faces a dichotomy.  On the one hand it needs to manage a part of its business focussed on predictability and another on exploration and innovation.  These two parts of the business have fundamentally different needs in the way technology needs to support them and in development approaches.  How should Scotland ensure that these two separate, but coherent styles of work effectively co-exist without duplication of effort and lead to successful digital evolution and transformation?


David Hancock, Health Executive Advisor, InterSystems


Questions and Discussion


Panel Discussion  Integrated Health & Social Care

Our panel of senior colleagues involved in the integration of health and social care will examine the challenges and opportunities for putting users at the centre of service delivery. 


Joanna Macdonald, Chief Officer, Argyll & Bute Health and Social Care Partnership
Mandy Andrew, Associate Director, ALLIANCE
Fanchea Kelly, Chief Exec, Blackwood
Morag Hearty, National Strategic Lead, Home and Mobile Health Monitoring, NHS Lanarkshire 


Exhibition, Networking, and Refreshments

Session 2

Breakout Sessions

In a series of 40-minute interactive workshops, delegates will learn key insights into the applications of the latest innovative solutions delivered by leading experts in the field. 

Delegates will select two masterclasses to attend prior to the event.

Breakout A with Vocera: Strategies to Reduce Cognitive Overload and Improve Patient Safety

Thousands of people die in hospitals each year because of medical errors. A combination of stress, fatigue, interruptions, incessant alerts and alarms, multiple demands, and shifting priorities can all lead to cognitive overload among clinicians, which can lead to mistakes. It is critical for healthcare leaders to proactively find solutions that simplify clinical workflows and make the lives of nurses, physicians and care team members easier. Doing so will help improve patient care, safety and experience.

In this session, Dr. Rhonda Collins will discuss how cognitive load becomes overload and how to identify the signs, behaviours and risks. She also will outline a strategy to mitigate administrative and cognitive burdens among clinicians and explain how to offload nurses’ needs to retrieve, retain, and record information, making it easier to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. 

Dr Rhonda Collins DNP, RN, FAAN, Chief Nursing Officer, Vocera Communications

Breakout B: “Just Give Me The Right information!” – Taking The 1st Steps Towards An Integrated Care Service with Totalmobile

The goal of integrated care can be achieved, not just by sharing information, but by sharing of the right information.

This interactive session will look at how mobile technology can drive improvements in this area, ensuring that health and care professionals are empowered with the relevant tools to deliver quality care and ultimately improve the service user’s experience and outcomes.

By asking the question “what information do you need to access to deliver an integrated care service?” and highlighting the work of several innovative health and care organisations across Scotland; this session will help get you started on your journey towards delivering a comprehensive integrated care service.

Rob McCrea, Regional Director - Scotland, Totalmobile

Breakout C: AI Enhanced Cancer Screening For Improved Patient Outcomes with Intel

CHI and Intel discuss their collaboration, and how they are utilising AI technology in pursuit of eradicating rectal cancer. 

Dr Hagen Wenzek, Managing Director, CorporateHealth International


First breakout




Second breakout


Lunch, Exhibition, and Networking


Demo-Zone Presentation: Addressing the Challenges of Delivering Network Solutions for Laboratory Services​ with Clinisys

With NHS Scotland Shared Services currently investigating options for networking laboratory services across the Country, this presentation provides an opportunity to see how CliniSys is leading the way in successfully delivering Network consolidation and how we’re addressing the challenges in both Laboratory Services and electronic ordering and reporting. Our solutions are enabling the implementation of new service models that enhance both operational performance and the value proposition for laboratory services, in improving patient care.

A considered LIMS consolidation programme in Scotland offers a unique opportunity to review working practices and consider the potential for greater standardisation and harmonisation. 

Graeme Chalk, Programme Director, CliniSys

Session 3

Themed Panel Sessions

In advance of the summit, you will register for your preferred session and have the chance to contribute to the agenda to ensure that the themes align with the key issues that matter to you. 


Panel A – How will digital improve outcomes in Health and Care?​ in partnership with Tunstall


Michael Gillespie, Principal Officer, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership
George Kowalski, Business Development Director, Orcha
Angela Tarvet, Business Development Director, Tunstall Healthcare
David Brown, Business Relationship Manager – Digital Telecare, Digital Office for Scottish Local Government
Moira Mackenzie, Deputy Chief Executive, Digital Health & Care Institute

Chair: Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster


Panel B – Empowering the Workforce through Digital Technology


Dr Lesley Holdsworth, Clinical Lead for Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government
Pamela Dimberline, Specialist Lead – Workforce, NHS Education for Scotland
Iain Ramsay, Partnership Manager, Chief Social Work Officer, Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership

Chair: Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS Education Scotland


Panel C – Connected Citizens: The Role of Mobile Technologies in Empowering Citizens 


Giulia Melchiorre, Digital Health and Care User Researcher, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) 
Mark Fleming, Clinical Lead NMAHPs, Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government
Morag Hearty, National Strategic Lead, Home and Mobile Health Monitoring, NHS Lanarkshire 

Chair: Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive, TSA


Exhibition, Networking, and Refreshments

Session 4

Prevention, Early Detection, and Empowering the Workforce

The proliferation of consumer wearables and other medical devices empowers people to prevent poor health and self-manage medical conditions. Similarly, automation can encourage medical staff to be more agile in meeting the needs of those in their care. We will take a journey through the many ways that technology is improving prevention, early detection, and empowering the workforce. 


'Upwards and Onwards' Video Launch

Ann Murray, Telecare Lead, Technology Enabled Care Programme, Scottish Government


Mental Health Collaborative – Video Screening 

NHS 24, Police Scotland, SAS


Fireside chat: The Prevention Agenda

This informal interview will explore how we are harnessing the power of digital to support people to stay healthy.  

Speaker: Angiolina Foster, Chief Executive, NHS24 
Interviewer: Mandy Rhodes, Editor, Holyrood Magazine


Leadership Panel

In this forward-looking panel, Scottish health and social care leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities that have come from implementing the Digital Health and Care Strategy – exploring the next steps for improving digital health and social care in Scotland. 


George Crooks, Chief Executive, Digital Health & Care Institute
Deryck Mitchelson, Director of National Digital and Information Security, NHS National Services Scotland
Ashleigh Niven, Head of Practice and Operations, Support for Ordinary Living (SOL)
Dr Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive, Scottish Care

Chair: Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care & Digital Healthcare Innovation, Scottish Government


Chair's Closing Remarks 

Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster


Close of first day

Digital Health & Care 2020 - Day 2

Day 2 Theme

AI, Data, & Innovation: The Future of Digital Health and Social Care

Data provides the firm foundations for innovations in digital health and social care. Day 2 explores the environment that Government is creating to enable safe, effective, and evidence-based innovations in health technologies. 


Registration, Exhibition, and Networking


Welcome and Introduction to Day 2 from the Chair

Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster 

Session 1

Innovations in Health and Social Care

This opening session explores the ways artificial intelligence is revolutionising health and social care, and how to apply cognitive technology to unlock health data and power diagnosis.


Keynote Address: Encouraging Data-Driven Innovation 

Alistair Hann, Chief Technology Officer, NES Digital

Innovations in Health and Social Care at Home and Abroad

Lightning Talks X3


Case Study 1: Person-Centred records - exploring the potential of in-patient electronic MDT working within NHS Grampian

Jill Ferbrache, Lead Nurse Excellence in Care and Innovation, NHS Grampian & Angela Bruce, Research Assistant, The Innovation School, The Glasgow School of Art


Case Study 2: A Brief History of SCRIS (Scottish Cancer Registry and Intelligence Service)

Professor Aileen Keel CBE, Director, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme


Case Study 3: Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record

Stephen Beattie, eHealth Programme Manager, Business Services Organisation (BSO)


Panel Discussion: Data Driven Innovation 

The key to unlocking the potential of data innovation is the right governance, skills, public trust, and – of course – data. Our expert panel will explore how to use data to:

  • Drive research and innovation 
  • Improve clinical management and business service management
  • Enhance auditing processes 

Other topics for discussion include how to:

  • Engage with wider society to build public trust and encourage participation in health-data innovation
  • Empower and motivate scientists to innovate with health data


Phillip Couser MBE, Director Data Driven Innovation, Public Health Scotland
Colan Mehaffey, Chief Operating Officer, Health & Social Care, Data Driven Innovation 
Steph Wright, Director of Health & Wellbeing Engagement, Data Lab
Martin Tully, Information Architecture (IA) Lead, Enterprise Architecture
Dr David Lowe, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, University of Glasgow


Exhibition, Networking, and Refreshments 

Session 2

Themed Panel Sessions

Delegates will choose to attend one panel to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.  


Panel A – Capitalising on the Interoperability of Technology in partnership with EMIS Health 


Alistair Hann, Chief Technology Officer, NES Digital
Ed Clifton, Head of Scottish Health Technologies Group, Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Peter Knight, Head of Service, Information Services Division (ISD)
Evelyn Chalk, Regional Director, Scotland, EMIS Health

Chair: David Alexander, CEO & Chief Platform Architect, Mydex


Panel B – Harnessing the Power of Data to Drive Improvements in Patient Care in partnership with InterSystems


Professor Aileen Keel CBE, Director, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme
David A Wylie, Head of Podiatry, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 
Scott Heald, Associate Director (Data Management & Strategic Development) / Head of Profession for Statistics,
Public Health & Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland
David Hancock, Health Executive Advisor, InterSystems

Chair: Tom Russell, Programme Manager – Health and Social Care, techUK


Panel C - Exploiting the Potential of Innovation and Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare


Dr David Lowe, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, University of Glasgow
Walter Riviera, AI Specialist, Intel
Dr Christopher Carlin, Consultant Physician, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Stephen Beattie, eHealth Programme Manager, Business Services Organisation (BSO)

Chair: Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster 


Lunch, Exhibition, and Networking 


Demo-Zone Presentation – Nesta and Scottish Government: Health-tech Product Pitches

Come to the demo-zone to hear six quick-fire pitches from companies working on a variety of exciting health tech products in Scotland, from using AI to manage COPD to changing the health behaviours of football fans in Glasgow.

All companies have been supported as part of the Healthier Lives Data Fund. This is a partnership between Nesta and the Scottish Government to support innovative digital technologies that make data available and useful to citizens, helping them lead healthier and more independent lives. 

Session 3

Next Steps for Digital Health and Social Care in Scotland

In this inspiring end to the conference, we explore the next steps for digital health and social care in Scotland. 


Panel Discussion: Participatory Futures – Putting Citizens at the Centre of Digital Health and Social Care

Topics for discussion include:

  • How to build on collaborative programmes of work to maximise resources and capabilities
  • Evidence-based innovations in health technologies
  • How service design can be pragmatically and economically applied to the delivery of health and social care
  • Next steps in designing the health and social care services of today… and tomorrow 


Caroline Lamb, Director of Digital Reform & Service Engagement for Health & Care, Scottish Government 
Sinead Mac Manus, Senior Programme Manager, Nesta Health Lab
Dr Safia Qureshi, Director of Evidence, Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive, TSA

Chair: Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster


In conversation with Jonathan Cameron, Deputy Director – Digital Health and Care

This informal interview will explore the Scottish Government's implementation of the Digital Health and Care Strategy and the next steps for digital health and social care in Scotland. 

Speaker: Jonathan Cameron, Deputy Director – Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government 
Interviewer: Mandy Rhodes, Editor, Holyrood Magazine


Chair's Closing Remarks

Pennie Taylor, Health Journalist and Broadcaster


Close of Event


Please note that all speakers and the agenda are subject to change without notice.