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Our data management and integration platform, along with our powerful healthcare solutions, keeps health and social care providers, application vendors, and device manufacturers all on the same page.  We currently help Boards to manage the health of over 90% of the patient population and connect information and processes between numerous applications and organisations across the country.  Also, our health informatics platform is used as an inter-agency service to share information.

This common foundation of operational systems makes InterSystems an ideal partner to support new types of strategic interoperability initiatives, to further the digital maturity of health and social care, improve outcomes, along with the user and patient experience.  Because empowering healthcare to improve care matters.


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For more than 20 years, Vocera has been on a mission to improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients around the world. Our unique hands-free communication solutions can be worn under protective personal equipment, minimizing the number of times a clinician must don and doff PPE, helping preserve this valuable resource and reducing the risk of contamination.  


The Vocera platform is critical for managing clinical operations and safeguarding staff during this COVID-19 pandemic. It enables doctors, nurses, and other staff on the frontlines to communicate quickly with meaningful patient, event, and care team context inside and outside the hospital, improving bed access, capacity, and operational efficiency. It also enables hospitals to effectively manage patient care and large-scale triage operations. 

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Unlocking digital technology to transform Health & Care. We help technology, information and clinical leaders transform the organisations they work for. Through digital transformation, we enable health and social care providers to become more efficient, provide better patient care and improve the working lives of thousands of dedicated staff. Contact us to find out how a programme of strategic transformation can deliver efficiency and service excellence for your organisation: oliver.render@agilisys.co.uk




DrDoctor is a health tech innovator who supports NHS Trusts and Health Boards to transform the patient communications process. The patient engagement platform helps the NHS activate patients in their care and increase capacity through waitlist validation and remote management, improving the value and timeliness of every interaction.

We use effective and easy to navigate tech solutions which put patients in control of their own healthcare journey, while helping to save the NHS time and money.

We have helped more than 10 million patients at NHS trusts across England and Wales, equating to just over 10 per cent of UK hospitals


Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Klinik wants to help healthcare providers cope with the increasing demand, with the same or less resources in a less stressful way. We aim to do that by creating the most efficient and user-friendly patient flow via clinically validated online AI triaging and intelligently connecting all resources in healthcare. Klinik's triaging and patient flow management solution is not only able to help the NHS Scotland and GPs to provide improved access to healthcare but can also help to redefine and reform how the patient flow is managed. 


The company was founded in 2013 in Finland by a core team of doctors, healthcare professionals and engineers with leading expertise on how patient pathways should be arranged in order to deliver high quality care and cost-effective processes. We have operations in the UK, Finland, Portugal and the Netherlands. In these countries more than 500 healthcare centres use our solutions and we provide access to healthcare to more than 2 million patients. 


Please visit our website to request a demo or read case studies of our customers. 


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KlinikUK/ 



Traditional models of outpatient care place unnecessary costs on both patients and healthcare organisations. In response, Storm ID developed the Lenus Health Platform to enable new and transformed care models that combine patient-generated and clinical health data, empowering citizens to effectively manage their own care.

Lenus harnesses increasingly sophisticated devices, sensors and wearables to enable new proactive, participatory and preventative models of care. Connected data can be used to help develop and train new algorithms. Those algorithms can interpret the data, prioritise risk and offer decision support to care teams. This results in increased patient engagement and reduced costs to healthcare organisations.

Lenus is used in the NHS across Scotland, complementing existing clinical care pathways for a range of respiratory and cardiovascular conditions including COPD, Sleep Apnoea, Heart Failure and Stroke. Lenus also underpins Scotland’s Digital Dermatology Assessment System, enabling patients to get expert support from dermatologists without leaving home.




Tunstall is a provider of strategic, innovation-led Connected Care and Health solutions. For over 60 years we have pioneered the development of technology that enables independent living and continual care and health monitoring for over five million people and their families across the world. Working across the health, housing and care landscape, we support progressive, empowering, person-centred care.

Tunstall is a lead partner in the Next Generation Solutions for Healthy Ageing cluster, which is being led by Digital Health & Care Institute Scotland as part of its activities to support the Scottish Government’s TEC Programme and the Digital Telecare Workstream.

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Alcidion has a simple purpose, that is, to transform healthcare with smart, intuitive technology solutions that meet the needs of healthcare organisations, worldwide. We offer software solutions that create a unique offering in the global healthcare market. We orchestrate care complimenting existing environments by promoting FHIR-based interoperability and active management of data flows. Our solutions align with clinical workflows to deliver clinical decision support at the point of care to improve patient outcomes. With extensive healthcare experience, Alcidion brings together the very best in technology and market knowledge to deliver solutions that make healthcare better for everyone.


Inhealthcare is the UK leader in digital health and remote patient monitoring. As well as being the digital health provider of choice for Scotland, Inhealthcare delivers its services across major towns and cities in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Our technology is designed to support vulnerable high-risk patients, including those in care homes, and patients living with long-term conditions such as diabetes, COPD and heart failure. We also support patients with short-term conditions such as pre-eclampsia, IBS and gestational diabetes.

We have a marketplace of more than 100 clinically designed digital health services or alternatively, we work with organisations to build new services for their population’s health needs.

Voice Technologies

Voice Technologies is an award-winning, employee-owned software provider based in Paisley (near Glasgow) and Sheffield in the UK. We help organisations to reduce the time and cost of producing correspondence by using information and mobile workflow, speech recognition and digital dictation applications.

Our team of in-house specialists develops innovative software including the award-winning WinVoicePro, a document creation and workflow management application, and FormStream, web-based e-forms for paperless documentation.

We provide products and applications with industry-leading partner companies including Philips, Olympus and Nuance, and we are a Microsoft Silver Application Developer.



WellSky International Ltd is a leading provider of medicines management solutions with installations in over 250 hospital sites in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

WellSky’s medicines management platform draws upon decades of domain expertise and prioritises patient safety, operational efficiency and financial sustainability and includes WellSky EPMA, WellSky Pharmacy and WellSky Chemotherapy. Together they create an integrated workflow with easy links to PAS, EPR, ADT, financial and other related hospital applications.

WellSky International is a wholly owned subsidiary of US based WellSky